Short Term Rentals in San Diego


Historically settled by Italian families working in the fishing industry, it is now known as a hip neighborhood with amazing restaurants and a well-known farmers’ market on Sundays with fresh produce and live music. Its popularity and proximity to downtown’s commerce district makes it a pricier option compared to other neighborhoods.


More of a sleepy area in the inland part of San Diego. Though it might not be as exciting and fast paced as places close to the downtown, the great value in rentals definitely merits a look into its offerings. It is close to San Diego State University, so if you decide to rent there short term, you may run into a few college parties. Commuting to the downtown area would definitely be a factor if renting here.


Up the northern coast, Encinitas is known for its surfing, moonlit beaches, shops, restaurants and wonderful weather. Rental prices in Encinitas are on the higher side, mostly geared towards families. Carlsbad is just north of Encinitas and shares the same quaint village beach city atmosphere.


Known as a foodie paradise because of the progressive restaurants sprouting up, this once deserted historical area is now becoming a trendy cultural spot for the young newcomers.


Just north of Downtown, this seaside village boasts shops, restaurants, interesting art galleries, museums and a renowned aquarium. Though it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Diego for housing, walking to the serene beach every day might make it up for it:]


Anyone that knows San Diego knows Gaslamp is the place to go for nightlife. It is suggested that if you are coming to San Diego for more than just a few days, (month to month for example), perhaps Gaslamp might not be the best choice (unless you love to party). But if you’re here just for a few days or few weeks, this is a great option to stay and really experience the hustle and bustle of San Diego city.